Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Young Invincible.

The News Virginian has an article about Health Care and young people, age 19-29, who make up 13.7 million uninsured people in the nation. The article suggests that young people who are starting out after college are unable to obtain Health Insurance at an affordable price. The article really doesn't touch on the fact that some youth just want to save the money. The Health Care Plan will "fix" that by requiring all youth to either pay for health insurance or face a fine. Is that Constitutional?

Another proposal in the bill is that young people can stay under their parents health insurance plans until they are age 26, however, the article doesn't get any feedback from parents who would be forced to continuing to cover their children. This could cause some unforeseen problems. For example, lets say a woman at age 25 under her parents health insurance plan gets pregnant. Is the insurance company going to cover the pregnancy and the birth? Remember, insurance companies count these two aspects, pregnancy and birth, differently.

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