Friday, November 6, 2009

Health Care: Personal Responsibility or the Welfare State

Our nation stands in view of a great divergence, government run health care. However, this issue has an even deeper and broader principle-based decision at its heart; personal responsibility. Our great nation was founded and has prospered by the guiding principle of individual choice, responsibility, and accountability. However, through an ignorance of these principles and complacency, we have welcomed the welfare state. We continue daily to see the welfare system expand, broaden, and intrude, never shrinking. The decision of government run health care is one that could cause the greatest expansion of government intervention and welfare in our life time.

Our people are being told that we don’t possess the intelligence to responsibly choose our prescription for health care. Rather, our government is proposing that it is better equipped to make the decision for us. We must beware when government says it can do a better job than its citizenry, or the private sector which we control through individual choice. Careful consideration is necessary because when a service and responsibility is handed over to the government so too is an element of our personal freedom. The real question we must ask is does the sacrifice of liberty and choice justify the service?

A consideration to the haste and enormity of the current legislation lends to a more prudent approach. Why doesn’t the government work toward reform of the current welfare programs; Medicare, Medicaid, social security, and the veteran’s affairs administration rather than dismissing their corruption and fraud. Why doesn’t the government venture carefully and cautiously, rather than recklessly with thousand page bills that neither everyday citizens nor legislators understand? The answer is a statement of fact; there is something inherent in government which makes it, when it isn’t controlled, continue to grow. Our nation stands at a crossroads of principle and our posterity will pay the price.

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