Monday, November 2, 2009

Real Health Care Reform Secrets: Part 4

The secret to Health Care Reform is based on making the system less complex and more accessible. You will notice, after reading the last three posts, that these health care reforms wouldn’t cost the taxpayer an additional dime, it would rather save the taxpayers money. Also, these reforms could greatly increase the ability of those without health care insurance to gain access to affordable care. It would cut the cost of practice for doctors, cut the cost of coverage for employers, and cut the cost of care to the individual. All of which are great for the struggling economy that we are trying to keep healthy enough to work through these tough economic times.

Unfortunately, we are not hearing any of these reforms in anyway from our representatives in Congress or the President. The reason is simple; the current legislation is about tax revenue and has no Real interest in covering all American’s health care. Rather, their goal is to centralize and control health care through a government public option and collect the fines.

I encourage everyone to think hard on this proposal and its principles. If you agree with what is laid out here, please send it to your representatives in Washington and show them what real reform should look like.

Isn’t it fascinating how much progress could be made toward Real Health Reform by implementing common sense practices that allow the individual and free market principles to have effect?

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