Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Veteran

Dear Veteran,

Today we take a moment to remember and honor those of you who defend our nation. We reflect on the deep conviction and sacrifice of our soldiers who stand in the face of evil and death in defense of our freedom and liberty. I can never repay the sacrifice that so many paid over the history of our country, whom I have never met, for my freedom, for my liberty, for my right to pursue happiness. May God bless all veterans who are with us and those who are not. I pray that God blesses the families of the soldiers who stand on the fronts and protect our people, because they sacrifice as well. They directly support our troops with daily prayer and encouragement while they are without their loved ones and to those we must thank as well. Happy Veteran's Day, I am so very humbled and proud to be an American living among true heroes. Thank you.

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