Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TOTUS; funniest blog ever. This is Genius!

The Blog TOTUS or Barack Obama's Teleprompter Blog is hilarious and definitely one I will visit on a daily basis. Sometimes you just have to laugh, either that or cry.

Here is an excerpt from the most recent post, "First up, this ridiculous idea that the Department of Justice floated to put some Gitmo terrorists on trial in New York City. Big Guy felt bad about just getting to the memo since it had been sitting on his desk for a few weeks, but what with getting Fox News in line, date nights with Lady M, the World Series, Halloween, it's been a pretty busy fall. In the end it didn't take much time. O looked at the proposal and almost hit the roof of Air Force One. "Like hell we'll do something that dangerous and short sighted," Big Guy told Rahm. Rahm just smiled that reassuring smile of his and moved down the list; it was obvious Big Guy wouldn't have to think about this one ever again."

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