Friday, August 28, 2009

Virginia Senators Stonewall Shenandoah Valley residents.

In an email statement from Senator Mark Warner's Roanoke office, Drew Densmore, Outreach Representative, communicated that neither the senator nor a representative from his office would be coming to the Valley health care town hall event.

Mr. Densmore wrote, “I spoke with Jim Webb’s office today and they let me know Sen. Webb will not be attending the town hall. It is my understanding that there are no elected officials scheduled to attend. We wouldn’t be sending a representative in Sen. Warner’s place but instead to hear the audience address Sen. Webb. In light of this we regret to inform you we will have our representative elsewhere working with constituents.” Since when do you have to have another politician present to get our representatives to listen to us, are we not the employers of these representatives?

It is unfortunate that not only have our senators refused to hear our voice, but also have not given us an alternative means to speak with them. This is what Valley residents are frustrated with. What must we do to get through to our representatives in Washington? How are we as citizens supposed to get through this barrier between us and our representatives? Now is the time for Valley residents to demand that our representatives uphold their contract with the constituents.

As of this date Senator Webb's office has not communicated with me whether or not he will attend, the only information that has been expressed about Senator Webb's intention has been through the email from Senator Warner's office. Quoted in a previous news article, Senator Webb's office expressed a desire to have discussion regarding health care reform, once he returned from Asia; however nothing has been scheduled before Congress resumes session.

I regret to inform the Valley that their concerns and frustrations are well founded; their senate representatives are not listening. I am happy to announce that this Town Hall will be held and the Valley's voice will be heard in spite of the fact that our senators refuse to attend. I encourage all Valley residents to come on Sunday, September 6th to Riverheads High school at 6pm to speak their mind and write down their thoughts so their opinions can be delivered to our senators.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Welcome Sign for the Virginia Senators Webb and Warner.

Health Care Town Hall
Augusta County Virginia
Sunday, September 6th
The Auditorium at
Riverheads High School
6pm - 8pm
This is Augusta's opportunity to speak about
Health Care legislation.

10 Days until Health Care Town Hall, Senator Warner's office responds!

With only 10 days until the Augusta County Health Care Town Hall, scheduled for Sunday, September 6th from 6-8pm at Riverheads High School, Senator Mark Warner's office responded.

I received a call from Senator Mark Warner's office, they had a couple of questions and at first said that the senator was not going to be able to join us.

However, after some discussion and explanation about how this Town Hall is being put together and sharing how much positive feedback I have received, the senator's office is going to try again to see if they can something out. We do know for sure that at least a representative from Senator Mark Warner's office will be there to hear from our community.

As of today, I have still not heard anything from Senator Jim Webb's office.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

12 Days Until Town Hall, No response from Senators Webb and Warner.

Senator Jim Webb and Mark Warner have not yet responded to my invitation to a Health Care Town Hall. Please call these senators and encourage them to attend. Whether the senators show up or not the event will still go on, we will collect all comments and questions and get them to the senators in Washington.

Health Care Town Hall
Sunday, September 6th
Riverheads Highschool Auditorium

All are invited to attend, bring your questions, comments, suggestions, support, or criticism of the Health Care bill.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Response from public overwhelming for Augusta Health Care Town Hall!

Response from public overwhelming for Health Care Town Hall, Senators Webb and Warner stay silent.

As of now, I haven't heard any response from our two Virginia Senator's offices to my invitation to a Health Care Town Hall. However, I read in our local newspapers, The News Virginian and The News Leader, that the senators are aware of the event.

I have received an outpouring of support and interest in the Health Care Town Hall from the public, I have individual citizens asking if they can help at the event, others are asking if they can donate to help with the burden of cost, while others in the community are just showing their support and explaining how much it means to them to be able to hear from their senators.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share the details about the event on the radio with Doc Thompson with WRVA Radio in Richmond, he has also posted a link to the event on his website.

According to the News Leader, Senator Webb spokesperson Kimberly Hunter said that the senator would be back in town tomorrow, Sunday, August 23rd, from his trip to Asia. That would give him ample time to attend our event that is scheduled almost two weeks later.

The News Leader article also quotes Warner spokesperson Riki Parikh saying "...the senator gets hundreds of town hall meeting invites each day." Which means hundreds of Virginians want to speak with the senator about this issue. Yet he has not scheduled one public appearance to answer average citizen’s questions. Hopefully, he can come to our event that is already planned and paid for.

Whether the senators are able to attend or not, the meeting will go forward. We will have a plan in place where people can speak their questions, concerns, support and criticism of the health care legislation. We will collect that information and bring it to the senators in Washington.

It is vital that we, as a community, keep these important lines of communication open to our representatives in Washington.

Come out on Sunday, September 6th to the Auditorium at Riverheads High School from 6-8 pm and be heard. We are doing all we can to make this event engaging and fun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Senators Warner and Webb are invited to a town hall meeting on healthcare hosted by David Karaffa.

Due to the fact that neither of the U.S. Senators from the Commonwealth of Virginia have arranged any healthcare town hall meetings; one has been arranged for U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner to answer questions about the health care bill, H.R. 3200.

The auditorium at Riverheads Highschool in Augusta County Virginia on Sunday, September 6th has been reserved from 6p.m. until 8p.m. All residents are encouraged to attend, please bring your questions, support or criticism. This is the valley's opportunity to have its voice heard.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bell for Delegate

Staunton City Councilman Richard “Dickie” Bell was selected at a public forum on Monday, July 27th to replace Delegate Chris Saxman as the Republican nominee for the 20th District House of Delegates seat. The 20th House District of Virginia encompasses a large majority of Augusta and Rockingham County, all of Highland County, and Staunton City. Bell has been a member of Staunton City Council since 1996 and is currently serving in his fourth term. He has also been a special education teacher of 13 years and coach at Riverheads High School. Bell holds a masters degree from Old Dominion University in Special Education and is a U.S. Navy veteran. Bell is married to Anne and has two adult children, Brian and Erin.

Councilman Bell joined six other candidates from the area at the forum to answer submitted questions and give the five-person Republican 20th Legislative District Committee a chance to compare the candidates for the nomination. At the forum, Bell stated that he would work to reform education, especially for special needs children. He also expressed his Pro-Life and Pro 2nd Amendment conservative values. In Councilman Bell’s closing statement he said, “I believe in you, the citizens of the 20th District. I believe in your spirit. I believe in your work ethic. I believe in your family values. I'm deeply honored that you'd even consider me for this important job, and I'm proud to be one of you.”

Councilman Bell will be at the Augusta County Fair on Saturday, August 15th at the Republican booth. He will also be at the Augusta County GOP Picnic on Saturday, August 29th at Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church from 2-6 p.m. Cost for adults is $5 dollars. Come out and meet our future delegate.

He also has a new website

March on Washington in September!

Americans from across the nation are taking to the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 12th 2009, to protest the out of control spending, the bailouts, the soaring deficits, and the big government take over of our health care.

Four buses are being organized to take citizens from the Augusta County area to the event. The buses will begin in Augusta and pick up people along the way to Washington. The cost for the bus trip is $35 and includes bottled water.

The events in Washington will start at 10 a.m. at the U.S. Capital, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument. The actual march will begin at the Lincoln Memorial at 2 p.m. toward the U.S. Capital, the seat of power for the United States.

Fox News will be covering the event in Washington with a host of speakers that continues to grow by the day. It is estimated that this could be the biggest march on Washington in history.

Contact Lynn Mitchell for more details and to reserve your place on the bus. Sign up ( for the bus ride and get to know other people in our area that believe in the principle of “We The People.”

You can learn more about the event by going to

Augusta Farms Scholastic Way Sidewalk Program

The Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded the Beverley Manor District of Augusta County $300,000 for a pedestrian throughway and sidewalk from the Augusta Farms neighborhood toward the Stuarts Draft public school complex behind it. The grant will complete the funding of all three phases of the project.

Residents in the Augusta Farms neighborhood have long awaited the project so that children could directly access their schools without a need for busing. Design and planning of the project is being worked out by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Augusta County Government Center. Ground is tentatively set to be broken some time in 2010.

Report Your Neighbor to the Government?

Republicans are upset because now the White House is encouraging citizens to turn in their neighbors for opposing the Health Care issue.

According to the White House blog, (, Linda Douglass, the Communications Director for the White House’s Health Reform Office wants citizens to report “fishy” material to the federal government at

This has caused an immediate backlash for the Obama Administration. There are allegations that the White House is compiling a list of citizens that are exercising their 1st Amendment right to free speech by being opposed to the Universal Health Care plan. Senator John Cornyn of Texas has sent a letter to President Obama demanding an explanation. No answer from the President.

Universal Health Care Update

Americans all across the nation are engaging their Congressional representatives at town hall meetings, public forums, and one on one sit down appointments to discuss the massive Universal Health Care legislation. However, some Democrat representatives are refusing to meet with constituents due to fierce opposition. Many representatives have been faced with angry and upset citizens. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-California) has said that these citizens that oppose the legislation and that are attending these town hall meetings are

U.S. Senators Jim Webb (D) and Mark Warner (D) of Virginia are refusing to hold any form of town hall or public meeting to hear from residents of Virginia on this important issue.

Augusta Revenue Squad Recovery Update

At the August 12th BOS meeting, the Board entered into agreement with a billing agent for the Revenue Recovery Program for the Augusta County rescue squads. The plan says that no bills will be directly received by taxpaying citizens of Augusta for ambulance services. Instead any balance left over from a personal insurance claim will be waived. Also all uninsured citizens will not have to pay for ambulance services, it will be covered by the county.

We Need Term Limits

Congressional service was never designed to become a lifetime career. Representation was designed to be fluid and diverse, constantly changing, keeping in time with the issues and evolving perspectives. However, political careers have taken the place of congressional service and rarely ever producing such service.

Term limits were originally left out of the Constitution because the majority drafting the text felt that people would hardly desire to serve more than one or two terms. Actually, what is defined is the time that one person has to stay in office once elected. Over the last century, “Term Limits” has had time in the spotlight, most times this attention comes during economic hardship because it is felt by more Americans that the institution of government shouldn't be made up of these long-serving representatives who are re-elected without challenge or debate. We have Senators who have been in office for more than 40 years, Congressmen who have been in office for more than 30 years. These “Monuments” as I have come to call them will sooner have their sculpture complete and erected inside of the Capital than return to average citizenship.

Many American voters wonder how these representatives can possibly understand the perspective of the average citizen. A new push for Term Limits is necessary and this time we must prevail. America has every ability to rise above its challenges and see the needs of its people met; however, this can only be accomplished by those elected to public service without the tether of political party or power to hold back the will of the people. Good representation must be refreshed and renewed.


I have had many people come to me and inquire what it was like to be a candidate at the 20th House District Forum. While I am no expert, being that I was only a candidate for a party nomination for 7 days, I do have some insight from the perspective of my generation.

Party politics have become too partisan. Some will not speak with you because of your party affiliation. Some people say things like, “Oh, don't talk to him/her about politics, he is a Republican.” and vice-versa. This mentality is a travesty to the democratic process in America.

We should be able to converse about these topics with respect and without fear of social shun or retribution. Some are labeled as extremists, either Liberal or Right wing. It is interesting to know that the founders of our country such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock all were labeled as extremists; however, they were all respected and never shunned. They fought aggressively to win a debate or prove a point; however, in the end they all signed the Declaration of Independence.

Partisanship is promoted by those in elected office to keep their political prowess. How much power would be in the hands of the people if we spoke with one another and came up with our own plans to fix problems?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Universal Health Care Bill

A copy of The Universal Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200, can be found Here in PDF format.