Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Perspective on Arizona Illegal Immigration.

With all the noise coming out of the state of Arizona about their new immigration law, it is important that we look at both sides of this issue. Clearly those against the new law have made their position clear, they feel the law promotes racial profiling and will cause illegal immigrants to not pass important information on to authorities for fear of deportation.

Those in favor of the law argue that the more than 460,000 illegal immigrants currently living in the state are dramatically exhausting the state's funds and are a key element to crime in the state.

However, I have been given another perspective, the environmental perspective. The above photo comes from a 1/4 mile stretch of the Arizona border; this was found by the Arizona Minute Men, who voluntarily patrol that border. While the Media News Stations are all a buzz about the Gulf Coast Oil disaster, this environmental disaster has gone mostly unheard.

Something to think about, is the illegal immigration into the state of Arizona damaging the natural environment of Arizona? If so, where are all those environmentalists who protest, demonstrate, and scream on its behalf?

The above photo was sent to me from a gentleman who runs his own political and informational website, it is, feel free to check it out. You can also reference the authenticity of these pictures by going to,2933,354398,00.html.