Sunday, January 30, 2011


In my last post I wrote about the type of Character and Principles I want in our next President. In this post I would like to cover Experience.

I am looking for a candidate that has a good bit of experience in order to be a good President, a real leader. First, I would like for the candidate to have experience in either local or state government. This would mean experience on a City Council, Board of Supervisors, or School Board. State held office would also surfice, either in a state Senate or Representative house. I also want the candidate to have experience in the United States Congress, either in the House or in the Senate for more than one term, having to run a record.

Lastly, and chiefly I am looking for someone with Executive experience. I am looking for a Governor. I would want someone that was a successful Governor in one of the larger states in the Union.

The above experience I have described is not a recipe for a good President, but rather a description of a wide range of perspectives gathered unto one person that would benefit him or herself in the execution of the Presidency. I would understand as a voter if the experienced varied, but I would require, for my vote and support, an extended resume of experience. We have all seen lately what a lack of experience gets us in a President.

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