Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be Prepared...

"Be Prepared" Its the Boyscout motto. It should also be the campaign and public office motto. I always have something for people related to my campaign on me when I am out in public. If I go to the local grocery store or to the movies I have my business cards or palm cards on me ready to go should I meet someone. Not only that but always make sure you look presentable. In this day and age of the smartphone and digital cameras you never know when you are being filmed or photographed, its always a good idea to look presentable when in public. Be ready to speak with a complete stranger over the issues that surround your campaign, if you are not comfortable about this upfront then practice, practice, practice. It will save you in the long run.

In my last post I advised to know your issues and be ready to give detail. Last night, I watched the State of the Union from President Obama. I was impressed with some of which he said, though I was disappointed because it lacked detail. He pointed out that we need to tackle the issue of immigration and illegal aliens, which we do. However, he gave no direction or detail on his vision for our policy moving forward with legislation.

President Obama warned of the deficit and the burden it would place on generations of Americans. However, he lacked real detail in how to complete this task. Also, the little detail that he did give only amounted to $100 Billion in changes which is a drop in the ocean to the $14 Trillion we are in debt. He said he would like suggestions on other ways to cut the budget, well I want to know what his ideas are. He did point to defense which is the means in which President Clinton was able to balance his budget, it also left our military in a horrible state by the end of his presidency.

Lastly, the President brought up tax law and how complicated and burdensome it is, he asked for Congress to work on it without giving any detail to what he would like to see in the legislation. I came away from the speech disappointed that it didn't entail a clear plan on how to achieve some of the most necessary and urgent changes that are needed in our country. This disappointment is what you will run into if, when you are meeting with voters, you don't have details on how to solve a problem and what the solution would look like. Being able to do this instills confidence in your electorate that you, as a candidate, are knowledgeable about the issue, getting input from others, and have a clear solution that you believe would work. That is what the people want...Solutions.

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