Monday, January 10, 2011


If you are considering a run at public office, inspiring others like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or John Adams, then think hard. Because, before you knock on the first door as a candidate or get the first check for your campaign, you have to file your paperwork.

The amount of paperwork is amazing, even a the local level. First, there is the Declaration of Candidacy which verifies that you are a candidate for a particular office. Then you have the Qualifications for Candidacy which verifies that you are able to legally run for the office. Then you have to file a Statement of Organization which establishes the key positions in your campaign. Then you have a Statement of Economic Interest this is where you disclose everything about your financial background for the world to see. And lastly is your first campaign financial reporting forms. Many of these forms must be notarized and take a lot of meticulous record keeping to get right, so start taking good notes in the beginning and be diligent about it.

So I announced my candidacy on January 8th and I spent a good portion of my time today pulling together the paperwork, took about 5 hours. So like I said, be sure you want to really run and win, because if your not, the paperwork will make your decision for you.

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