Saturday, January 29, 2011

Presidential Character and Principle…

Lately, a topic of conversation that continues to pop up in political circles is, “Who is your pick for President in 2012?” My answer remains consistent, “I don’t have one yet.” I had sat down and thought about who would be my choice for President by looking at the likely candidates; however I was coming up short with each one. I decided instead to list the principles, characteristics, qualities, and experience I would like to see in our next President and use that as a measuring stick of whom I would like to see come forward.

When I starting thinking about what I wanted in a leader, I needed to prioritize. Would I want character over issues, experience over character or qualities over issues as the meter in which to judge each candidate? Does a good candidate that I could get excited about need to agree with me on every issue? I don’t think there is one candidate that would. Does the candidate need to have experience and what would that experience look like. Does the candidate need a solid character and principle? Yes therefore, the character of the man, or woman, and their principles need to be grounded and in line with mine and this was to be paramount above all else.

Character and Principle…

I am looking for a man, or woman, that has a strong character one that is grounded in the desire for good government. I want to see someone who isn’t running for their own glorification but rather to serve and protect the people of the United States and the Constitution. I want this person to be wise and strong, yet humble and faith filled. I remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln, “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.” This quote is one of many examples of being humble and faith filled, but also having the wisdom and the strength to acknowledge when help and council are need from the Most High God.

I want someone who is honest and benevolent, yet sees himself as the leader of those who serve on a wall dedicated to the protection of our people. He would understand that honesty is part of the protection of the American people. As well as benevolence and generosity being part of protecting the American people, and that bravery and a strong will are necessary in protecting the American people.

I want a President that understands our Constitution and believes in the American people and our ability to overcome any obstacle. I want someone who respects and appreciates our bicameral legislature and understands that the snail’s pace at which Congress normally conducts business is, most times, in the best interests of our liberty.

I want a President that is not hostile to those of another party or view point, but rather is open and accepting of different perspectives and principle. He is willing to negotiate on legislation to achieve a goal, but has the strength and will to stop legislation that compromises his principles.

Lastly, with respect to Character and Principle, I want a President who surrounds himself with people whom he believes to be smarter and more experienced and looks to them for council.

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