Thursday, January 20, 2011


Over the last few days I have been working during the day and going to meetings and events in the evening. It is necessary to be publicly visible and available to those who may vote for you.

However, this busy campaign schedule has consequences, mostly for your family. I prepared my family ahead of time by explaining that life would change during this year of campaigning. So far, I have found a good practice is to hold a certain time in the week precious for my family. We have decided that precious time would be Sundays, we have a regular schedule to Sundays, we get up and go to church as a family, we go to breakfast with my parents and grandparents, then we come home and do something fun. Lastly, we go to my mother's house for a family dinner. This practice is serving us well so far, we will have to see if it can last.

I have found, so far, that this campaign is going to be about face to face conversations and one on one time with each voter instead of any event that requires a microphone. So advice for today...have a good pair of comfortable will need them.

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