Tuesday, July 21, 2009

David Karaffa for 20th District Delegate!

Good Evening, I'm David Karaffa.

As many of you know, our Delegate, Chris Saxman, has announced that he will no longer be seeking re-election in November, which opens up the Republican nomination. I, like many of you, was surprised that our good delegate was no longer running. I understand the reasons that Delegate Saxman has for stepping aside and I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his years of unwavering service to our community, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Over the last couple of days, many in the community have asked me if I would submit my name for candidacy. After careful consideration of the issues confronting our great commonwealth, input from my family, and quiet prayer, I have decided to put forward my name for the 20th District seat of the Virginia House of Delegates.

We reflect on the peaceful passing of public service from one person to the next that has been in practice ever since the founding of our country. Each time, it has been to a person that shares our faith in a system that puts "We the People" in charge and I share in that belief. If selected I will passionately continue our fight for fiscal responsibility, real estate assessment reform, education, healthcare, a responsible energy policy, government transparency, and job creation. As Delegate Saxman, a great public servant, goes on to travel a different path, we must have strength and courage as a community, to look to the future of our representation and take confidence in our selection.

I want to thank the Republican Committee Chairmen for opening up this nomination so that once again a person who walks among us can step forward, take on the burden of public service, and represent our interests in the Virginia legislature. I look forward to an open and fair process where the will of the people will be respected and the spirit of our democracy maintained.

I am honored by the prospect of representing our great community and I ask you to support me at the Republican Nomination Forum 7 pm July 27th at Buffalo Gap High School.

(Show your support for David Karaffa and a Bold Fresh Perspective by wearing a Red Shirt at the Forum)

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