Friday, July 24, 2009

Christopher DeWald steps out of race for 20th District, throws support behind David Karaffa!!

This morning I received a call from Mr. DeWald. He stated that he was pulling out of the race for the 20th District Delegate position. He sighted some medical reasons for his withdrawal and I understand them. Mr. DeWald was the highest licensed official working at the Department of Health for water treatment and served on the State Water Control Board. He also volunteered at the hospital, Augusta Health, in Fishersville as Santa Claus during the Christmas Season.

He went on to say that he fully supports me in my bid for the Republican Nomination.

"I want to add that I throw any weight that I might have had to Mr. David Karaffa. He is the only one of the 7 that remain that is out there in the public. I have seen and heard him in Gypsy Hill Park. He is out there with the people. The others lack that motivation and drive. We need someone vibrant that is going after the position because he desires to be part of the solution and will work hard for the party. He is young enough to run for many years and not to be just a figurehead. I applaud his efforts in obtaining such medical credentials in such a short time. That shows desire and people skills. That is what the party that I love needs. We do not need someone who will just want the name of the position, but go out and be the reorganized Republican Party."---Christopher J DeWald.

I appreciate Mr. DeWald's kind words and respect him for putting forth his name to serve the people of our district.

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