Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Called my Elected Representatives, Have You?

Today I exercised my freedom to speak, I exercised my freedom to make a difference, however small with those who represent me in government. I called Congressman Goodlatte, I called Senator Jim Webb, and I called Senator Mark Warner from the great Commonwealth of Virginia. I told them the same thing that I have been saying to those who read this blog, that I don't want legislation passed that takes away my rights, that hurts our economy, and most of all that takes away my freedoms. I told them that I did not want Cap and Trade passed, I told them that I did not want Universal Health Care passed, and then I asked them a question.

My questions was, "If these things pass, how will we pay for them?"

No one could answer my question.

In the time of the World Wide Web, Super computers, and Space travel, why don't we have a clear plan in front of the American People about how we will pay for such federal programs on scales such as to indebt future untold generations of Americans? I don't think we can afford to be irresponcible any more.

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