Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Augusta County Government wants New Cell phones!

The Augusta County Government center issued a request for sealed proposals for new cell phones and services for government employees.

Currently the County of Augusta employees 400 full time and part time employees, they have 250 active cell phones, and the county employees’ average 50,250 minutes of total wireless usage per month. The proposal request asks for a replacement of these phones with new ones that have GPS, internet access, access to email, Bluetooth, must come with a belt clip, and other options for Blackberry phones.

Specifications are requested to be tailored to the Blackberry 8300 Series or higher, pictured above. Where are we getting the money for this?

Proposals are due by July 9th, with a vote of approval by the Augusta County Board of Supervisors on July 22nd, and finalization on August 1st.

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