Sunday, June 28, 2009

$2.1 Million for Fishersville Library Renovation!

On June 24th the Augusta County Board of Supervisors passed a motion for $2.1 million dollars to renovate the Fishersville library. The Fishersville library is not the best looking building in the county, however it is sound and meets the need. Why are we spending $2.1 million in county tax money on this right now?

The Board of Supervisors just got finished last month proclaming that the rescue squads in Augusta county need more revenue and that the only way to get that revenue was to start charging residents for their ambulance ride. Now, one month later, we appear to have $2.1 million dollars laying around to renovate a perfectly good library. What?

The $2.1 million dollars is not the only money that was spent that night, the grand sum total for the evening was $2,618,810.oo in new spending. When will it STOP, where is the fiscal responsibility?

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