Friday, May 15, 2009

Why is Obama still going to Notre Dame?

According to the latest news, President Obama still plans on attending the Notre Dame graduation ceremony. Many protests have erupted due to the President's invitation which also includes an honorary degree from the Catholic University.

My question is, "Why is Obama still going to attend the event?" The story has shifted and will no longer focus on the graduates or the graduation, it will instead focus on the President and the protesters. President Obama needs to graciously bow out of this event and allow the graduates to have their day, they earned it.

I agree that the protesters should have been out in force on this issue. It is hypocrisy to have the strongest Pro-Choice political figure giving a commencement speech to a university, whose faith is centered around the Pro-Life perspective. The university has said that this issue needs debate and perspectives from both sides. This is a good point, because the issue needs to be debated and heard, however a commencement speech at a graduation is not the venue. It is more an acceptance of President Obama's view of the issue that will be on display.

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  1. It is a logical choice for him. It is part of his dismantling of the right. give in a little here, give in a little there, so on, and so on, till there is no opposition left.
    "It is only a speech" I have heard.
    No it is awarding a man who disagrees with you on a core issue. You are selling yourself for access. Ask the press corps about this.