Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is a Conservative.

I was asked recently, “What is a Conservative?” At first, I was surprised by the question however, seeing that the word “Conservative” is tossed around in politics as a label, it could get confusing. So, I thought I would define it in my own words. Conservatism or describing yourself as a Conservative can really be explained by these main points or core principles.

1: Individual Responsibility – This means that the citizen is responsible for his or her own action not the government or any other body. We are responsible for our own future, not the government. No one is responsible for our actions other than ourselves, we don’t blame others for what we have done or could have done. This also requires the ability to stop, research, and think about our decisions before making them. This guarantees that our victories are our own. We believe that the oversight of government and its actions are the responsibility of the people they represent. If government becomes destructive or takes the direction toward tyranny and persecution, it is the fault of the people for not being informed and correcting it with the election of different leaders.

2: Fiscal Responsibility – This means that we realize what we want to do with our financial future and work toward it. This also means that our financial future and financial independence are our responsibility, not someone else’s. We expect a fair wage for an honest day’s work. We don’t spend more than we can afford to pay back. We plan for the worst and work for the best. We are cautious in your spending and believe that we should keep the wealth we earn and be able to dispense it however we see fit, not anyone else.

3: Respect for our Founding Fathers and Founding Documents – This means that we understand that there is a lot of wisdom to the documents that we have founded our country on. We respect the fact that the wisdom of our Founding Fathers placed in our Founding Documents has stood the test of time for over 200 years. And that before changing them, a clear understanding of their original purpose is obtained.

4: Belief in God – This nation was founded under God. It’s in the Pledge of Allegiance, The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, it’s engraved on our national monuments and buildings, and it is even on our money. The Founding Fathers understood that the lawmakers of the land had to be responsible to a higher power in order to keep them honest and true. They understood that a federal government made up of men that didn’t believe in the higher power wouldn’t fear any consequence for tyranny or persecution against those they governed.

5: Respect for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – This means that we understand that Life is protected under the United States Constitution. We also believe in the right and liberty for all to pursue their dreams and to have their freedoms that are outlined in our Constitution.

6: Less Government – This is the belief that government by its very nature is a necessary corrupt thing. Without a certain amount of government, there wouldn’t be civilized society, however; with too much government comes tyranny and persecution. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained by those elected by the people, for the people, and made up by representatives of the people. We believe that when government becomes destructive or corrupt, than new people or government must be installed to bring back the balance that is needed.

7: Respect for the United States Soldier – We believe that the United States Soldier deserves the utmost respect and appreciation. We shake their hands when we see them and we thank them for their selfless service to our nation. We understand that they are putting the ultimate sacrifice on the line, their life, to secure our borders and protect our families and freedoms. Conservatives understand that the United States Soldier is given orders and they follow them no matter what. We understand that they are not responsible for the pressures that dictate military combat, but we thank them for their dedication in carrying out those orders. Conservatives believe that it is the nation as a whole that is responsible to take care of a soldier. They gave their all for us; we must reciprocate by taking care of them when they come home.

These are the core principles of a Conservative, we live our lives by these cores, we bring our children up by these cores, and we support candidates that believe in these cores. That is why this blog is called The Augusta Conservative, because that is my core.

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