Monday, January 18, 2010

Martha Coakley has lost her mind!

Martha Coakley was quoted, in the Wall Street Journal, as saying, "Catholics probably shouldn't work in the Emergency Room." It should be noted that Massachusetts is the second most heavily catholic state in the union. 53% of the voting population is Roman Catholic. Gee whiz Mrs. Coakley was that a stupid comment, what were you thinking?

I am a registered nurse at our area hospital and I occasionally work in the emergency room. I never let my faith interfere with the level of care I give a patient. I am grateful that Mrs. Coakley is not running to be my United States Senator, because last time I checked we didn't discriminate based on religion in the work place. What does our Virginia Delegation to the United States Congress say about this? I also wonder how the President feels about how Mrs. Coakley has slapped every Catholic Health Care worker in the face and put his Health Care Reform plans in serious jeopardy?

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