Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honorable move by Sen. Webb?

Senator Jim Webb released a statement after Senator-elect Scott Brown won in Massachusetts on Tuesday. In the statement Senator Webb said that the Senate should suspend votes on Health Care Reform until after Senator Brown is seated to represent his state. This was an interesting move on behalf of the Virginia Senator. The Richmond Times Dispatch congratulates Sen. Webb with his decision in today's paper. However, was Sen. Webb being honorable or finding a way to get back into good graces with the conservative state he represents? Do you think that Sen. Webb sees the writing on the wall in terms of his own re-election? Lets face it if Massachusetts can elect a conservative representative because of what is happening in Congress, surely Virginia can.

But for now, however, I am proud that Sen. Webb has decided to take this stand. It is important that the duly elected representatives be seated to carry out their trust in the name of the people. Moving forward on Health Care Reform without Senator Brown would be a disgrace to the United States Senate and the United States Constitution and all it stands for.

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