Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great LTE for Sen. Webb and Warner.

The Letter to the Editor in todays NewsLeader was great. Mr. Eagan echoes the sentiments of many in Augusta County and Virginia. The Letter to the Editor is open ended to our U.S. Senators, the question is, "Where is our sweetheart deal?" I agree, where is our ridiculous sweetheart deal? If the Health Care Reform Bill were so great and would open all these doors for people to obtain Health Care insurance than why all the outright ridiculous bribery to get Senators to vote for it?

I would also like to know where the Health Care Town Hall Meeting is from our U.S. Senators to get the opinion of Virginians on this bill before it goes to a final vote. I also want to hear from Virginia's U.S. Senators in response to the ridiculous amendment made for the state of Nebraska? The spokesman for U.S. Senator Warner last year during the fall break said that a Town Hall from the Senator was not going to happen because the Senate didn't have a bill. He also said that once the Senate had a bill he was sure the Senator would have some Town Halls to get the input from the citizens of the Commonwealth. Well here we are Mr. Senator, where are you? Or did you think we forgot?

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