Monday, October 12, 2009

Augusta County Board of Supervisors wastefull spending Alert!

The Augusta County Board of Supervisors will be hearing for the first time contract bids for new cellular phones and data cards for the county employees. The cost to the county taxpayers for the new phones and data cards is $46,158.84 per year. This doesn't include the initial cost for the phones and accessories, which include belt clip and vehicle accessories. There are more concerns with the quantity being requested, for instance the Parks and Recreation department is asking for two more phones and phone plans than it has employees.

Initially, the questions needs to be answered as to why the county needs new cellphones, apparently they already have them, along with desk phones with voicemail, and computers with county email addresses. Why the phone and for that matter why do they need a blackberry?
We have already heard from the county about our financial burdens and how short revenue is throughout the state, so how is there justification for this type of expense? This is to be on the agenda on Wednesday, October 14th 7pm a the government center in Verona. I encourage those who are concerned about this type of unnecessary spending to join me and others on Wednesday night as we voice our opposition to such an extravagance.

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