Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party Movement, Keep Options Open

Today in the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove has advice for the Tea Party Movement and its members. He advises them not to become a part of a political party. He states that the Tea Party Movement has more power as an individual entity pushing for Fiscal Responsibility, Conservation of Constitutional Principles, and Limited Government. He states that the Tea Party Movement fractioned group is good because it doesn't unite the movement under one leader and their agenda, but rather focuses on the People and their local and national issues.

Karl Rove goes on to warn the Tea Party Movement that the secular media is now taking them seriously and to guard against extremism. He warns against those who wish to take up arms against the government, he warns against those that pursue the agenda of the "Birthers", and against those who believe that 9/11 was organized by the American Government. These entities will only serve to harm the Tea Party Movement, Rove warns.

I believe this is all sound advice. The Tea Party Movement, comprising mostly of the groups Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, and American's for Prosperity, is a great thing, they put out the call when we see a good candidate for public office and help to shine the light on that person and gain them support. On the other hand when we see a representative or politician being dishonest, wasteful, wavering away from our founding principles, or corrupt, they can shine the light on them and push for a replacement. This pressure needs to be maintained on both parties and the Tea Party Movement is a perfect vehicle for it.

Lastly, Rove advices Tea Party members to keep their focus on policy and principle and not on political squabbles, explaining that their base would be more broad and welcoming to the American People. Great Article.

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