Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Former VA. Gov. Doug Wilder has Ax in Hand.

In the Richmond Times Dispatch, Former Virginia Democrat Governor Doug Wilder has strong warnings and recommendations for President Barack Obama. Wilder tells Obama to get tough and start leading or else face a one term presidency. He says that starts with replacing a lot of his White House and Executive Staff. Wilder explains that it takes certain people with certain skills to help get you elected and quite another to govern.

Wilder goes on to slap the Democrat Party with the reality of recent elections and current poll numbers. He tells the president that former Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, has to go as the Democrat National Committee Chairman. He goes on to tell Obama that he " has enough to worry about and defend without this detracting sideshow..." Wilder writes in Politico.

Wilder goes on and even seems to be ready to sign on to the Tea Party Movement by slamming Gov. Tim Kaine on his proposals in Virginia, notably to raise the state income tax rate and for the proposed extradition of a murdering criminal back to Germany where he could have been paroled in as little as two years. Wilder has grave concerns for the Presidents ability to lead, warnings for the Democrat Party, and questions whether the current administration really knows how to "listen to the people."

I don't think Governor Wilder is going to get a White House Christmas Card this year.

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