Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its Christmas and we are deporting a Priest!

One of the newspapers that I read is the "Catholic Virginian," In this months issue the story of Father Credo is covered. Father Alejandro Credo from the Philippines came to the United States on a work visa to serve in Virginia. Apparently, due to new regulations from the Department of Homeland Security, Father Credo was supposed to apply for a religious visa. I know, its brings the whole separation of church and state into the mix. Apparently, the Archdiocese of Richmond has been working with immigration and congressional representation to work out the issue so that Father Credo can continue to serve the needs of Catholic Virginians. However, their efforts were to no avail. Father Credo left the United States on December 1st, only to re-apply for entry to our country to continue in his work. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Well you see he didn't lie about why he was here, where he lived, or his intentions nor did he collect welfare or commit crimes, had he done some of these things he'd still likely be here. This county has gone so horridly astray I sometimes think were all screwed. We all know about the famound "horseman" of biblical speak well as this point I've lost count of the total number, but I know it's way north of 4.