Saturday, December 19, 2009

Completely Snowed In!

This morning my family and I found more than 20 inches of snow on the ground. As of this post we have almost 26 inches in low spots and 30+ inches in some drifts and other high spots. My oldest daughter tried to go out and play in it, however, after only a few moments found that she was unable to move in all the snow. My wife and I tried to dig out our 4 wheel drive Ford Escape. You can see that my snow boots were not tall enough for the snow so I had some garbage bags on under the boots and over my legs to keep the snow from soaking my socks. We worked at getting the car out for hours to no avail. We gave up when the snow plow that was working in our neighborhood got stuck and blocked any vehicle that would have tried to get in or out of the subdivision. So far we have started filling jugs with clean drinking water and getting prepared in case we lose power and the pipes freeze. I hope all of you stay warm and safe during the storm, in the mean time enjoy the snow. More pictures below.

We are trying to find the stars that go up to the porch.

My Daughter is having trouble moving, however she is having fun.

Our Deck is absolutely covered.

Above, you can see my neighbors yard from my porch, the mound of snow to the right of the flag is my neighbor's buried sedan.

Across the street.

Looking out of our side door into the driveway, the pile of snow between myself and our SUV is my Black Mitsubishi Galant.

Another view of my Galant.

Looking at my Deck and Grill, it looks like the Great Pyramids of Egypt! See how the snow is coming up so High that it is reaching the lid of my Grill!


  1. It's melting fast here in Hanover County, we are out and about after 10 inches. The 2ft. plus there is fabulous but I have too much to do to think of being snowbound more than a day or two!