Friday, August 28, 2009

Virginia Senators Stonewall Shenandoah Valley residents.

In an email statement from Senator Mark Warner's Roanoke office, Drew Densmore, Outreach Representative, communicated that neither the senator nor a representative from his office would be coming to the Valley health care town hall event.

Mr. Densmore wrote, “I spoke with Jim Webb’s office today and they let me know Sen. Webb will not be attending the town hall. It is my understanding that there are no elected officials scheduled to attend. We wouldn’t be sending a representative in Sen. Warner’s place but instead to hear the audience address Sen. Webb. In light of this we regret to inform you we will have our representative elsewhere working with constituents.” Since when do you have to have another politician present to get our representatives to listen to us, are we not the employers of these representatives?

It is unfortunate that not only have our senators refused to hear our voice, but also have not given us an alternative means to speak with them. This is what Valley residents are frustrated with. What must we do to get through to our representatives in Washington? How are we as citizens supposed to get through this barrier between us and our representatives? Now is the time for Valley residents to demand that our representatives uphold their contract with the constituents.

As of this date Senator Webb's office has not communicated with me whether or not he will attend, the only information that has been expressed about Senator Webb's intention has been through the email from Senator Warner's office. Quoted in a previous news article, Senator Webb's office expressed a desire to have discussion regarding health care reform, once he returned from Asia; however nothing has been scheduled before Congress resumes session.

I regret to inform the Valley that their concerns and frustrations are well founded; their senate representatives are not listening. I am happy to announce that this Town Hall will be held and the Valley's voice will be heard in spite of the fact that our senators refuse to attend. I encourage all Valley residents to come on Sunday, September 6th to Riverheads High school at 6pm to speak their mind and write down their thoughts so their opinions can be delivered to our senators.

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  1. The are also stonewalling us here in Richmond. But Warner is quite willing to meet with those that support government take over of health care.