Saturday, August 22, 2009

Response from public overwhelming for Augusta Health Care Town Hall!

Response from public overwhelming for Health Care Town Hall, Senators Webb and Warner stay silent.

As of now, I haven't heard any response from our two Virginia Senator's offices to my invitation to a Health Care Town Hall. However, I read in our local newspapers, The News Virginian and The News Leader, that the senators are aware of the event.

I have received an outpouring of support and interest in the Health Care Town Hall from the public, I have individual citizens asking if they can help at the event, others are asking if they can donate to help with the burden of cost, while others in the community are just showing their support and explaining how much it means to them to be able to hear from their senators.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share the details about the event on the radio with Doc Thompson with WRVA Radio in Richmond, he has also posted a link to the event on his website.

According to the News Leader, Senator Webb spokesperson Kimberly Hunter said that the senator would be back in town tomorrow, Sunday, August 23rd, from his trip to Asia. That would give him ample time to attend our event that is scheduled almost two weeks later.

The News Leader article also quotes Warner spokesperson Riki Parikh saying "...the senator gets hundreds of town hall meeting invites each day." Which means hundreds of Virginians want to speak with the senator about this issue. Yet he has not scheduled one public appearance to answer average citizen’s questions. Hopefully, he can come to our event that is already planned and paid for.

Whether the senators are able to attend or not, the meeting will go forward. We will have a plan in place where people can speak their questions, concerns, support and criticism of the health care legislation. We will collect that information and bring it to the senators in Washington.

It is vital that we, as a community, keep these important lines of communication open to our representatives in Washington.

Come out on Sunday, September 6th to the Auditorium at Riverheads High School from 6-8 pm and be heard. We are doing all we can to make this event engaging and fun.

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