Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Political Cartoon!!

Well it has finally happened, this appeared in the June, 20th Newsleader. My first political cartoon. I don't much agree with the statement, however I have never been in a political cartoon before.

Tracy Pyles has 16 years experience on the Augusta County government Board of Supervisors. Kurt Michael is a Governor’s School teacher who holds a PhD in education. Marshall Pattie is a JMU professor and holds a PhD in economics, and I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

We are independent thinkers with different political backgrounds and points of view, however, we do agree on four basic key issues that will help move Augusta County forward.

Unlike the other candidates running for the Board of Supervisors, we are going around the county holding Town Halls describing in detail our plans and vision for the county.

The four of us believe in staggering the terms of the Board of Supervisors and if elected will implement them. At our town hall meeting, we presented solutions to the county’s fire and rescue problem that included implementing the recommendations from both the 2005 fire plan and VA Fire Services Board. We understand that our schools are largely funded by the state and in order to get our fair share of state money, we need to conduct an immediate reassessment to correct the composite index. We believe that economic development and job creation should be a priority and have a plan to make that happen.

Beyond that, we will not always agree on every issue but will work together in a respectful and civil manner. For those who want to learn more about us, please come to one of our Town Halls where your questions are welcome.

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